Membership is a great way to be a part of Nudies Revolution.
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and help shape our group to better serve our community?

For a $20 fee, you can be part of the action with the
purchase of a yearly 2017-2018 Nudies Revolution Membership.

Want to know more?

Why we are here:
We are a pop-up community nudist group based in Melbourne, Australia, who run unique and fun nudist events. We Aim to create welcoming and inclusive events with an edge that celebrate individuality and support self-acceptance of an individual’s own body in a friendly and welcoming environment.

NUDIES events are for adults of all sexualities and genders, partnered or single, over 18 years of age. Women have the option to wear minimal clothing (e.g. swimwear) if they are curious to check out our events, but are not yet comfortable fully nude. NUDIES events are nudist and fun, but non-sexual.

We aim to be spontaneous and engaging and want to take nudism in new and unexplored directions. Holding several different events throughout the year we hope to spark interest and broaden public knowledge about the nudist community in general.

We view NUDIES as complimentary to all the other nudist groups working hard to produce nude events in Melbourne, though our point of difference is that we run activity and theme based events, to push nudism into areas and activities never expected before.


Membership & Management:
Membership will initially be opened to previous event attendees and overseen by an active board of up to ten volunteers. Board members will discuss options and vote at each board meeting to determine which direction to lead the group when organising events. Occasionally votes for events may be open to all members but will be given a strict reply by date to be counted towards a decision.

Active board member positions will be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting held shortly after the start of each new financial year. If an individual position has been vacated an emergency meeting may be held to vote for a new member to take on the role.

New members will be recruited through event attendance, social media interaction and other print or media endorsements. While membership is not required to attend all events, certain events do have limited spaces and will be offered to members as first preference.

Annual Membership applications are available for $20 per financial year.

As we are a not-for-profit organisation, any profits gained from membership and events will go towards current and future events cost’s such as event supplies, venue hire, website upkeep, equipment storage, etc., related to the running and maintenance of the group.


Rules & Regulations:
As much as we wish it was a perfect naked world and everyone got along, this is not the case and we need to set some house rules…

Respect for Others – Though this should not need to be said, please be aware that some attendees may not be as comfortable as you are with nudity, or other conversation topics, so please respect their personal space, beliefs and ideals.

Consent & Consideration – If you wish to approach someone for a hug, handshake, hand on the shoulder, please ask first rather than causing an unwelcomed awkward situation. And as always No means No.

Physical Violence – Any Altercations between members or intentional physical damage to property will result in immediate removal of the Individual/s involved in the incident. The Incident will then be discussed during the next board meeting and appropriate action will be determined which may include cancellation of membership or exclusion from future events. Any damage costs incurred will be the responsibility of the Individual/s involved.

Drug use – Will not be tolerated. Those found to be partaking in or in possession of any illicit substances will be reported to authorities and asked to leave.

Loss or Damage to Personal Property – While we make as much effort to ensure the safety of your possessions while at events, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee against any possible loss or damage so we request you leave valuables at home.

No Photography – Due to privacy concerns we do not allow photography at events. We often have our own photographer to document events and if you do not wish to be photographed during events please let us know.

No Mobile Phones – You won’t have any pockets anyway so unless it’s a life or death situation you won’t need it. (If it is actually life or death we can look after your phone for you and let you know if you are needed.)