Membership & Management

Membership will initially be opened to previous event attendees and overseen by an active board of up to ten volunteers. Board members will discuss options and vote at each board meeting to determine which direction to lead the group when organising events. Occasionally votes for events may be open to all members but will be given a strict reply by date to be counted towards a decision.

Active board member positions will be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting held shortly after the start of each new financial year. If an individual position has been vacated an emergency meeting may be held to vote for a new member to take on the role.

New members will be recruited through event attendance, social media interaction and other print or media endorsements. While membership is not required to attend all events, certain events do have limited spaces and will be offered to members as first preference.

Annual Membership applications are available for $20 per financial year.

As we are a not-for-profit organisation, any profits gained from membership and events will go towards current and future events cost’s such as event supplies, venue hire, website upkeep, equipment storage, etc., related to the running and maintenance of the group.