NUDIES Revolution

We are a pop-up community nudist group based in Melbourne, Australia.
We aim to take nudism in new and unexplored directions, to create unique
and spontaneous events working towards improved self-esteem,
a healthier lifestyle and better mental health through nudism.

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About Us

NUDIES are a pop-up community nudist group based in Melbourne, Australia. We like to be spontaneous and engaging, and want to take nudism in new and unexplored directions. We view NUDIES as complimentary to all the other nudist groups working hard to produce nude events in Melbourne, our point of difference is that we run activity and theme based events, to push nudism into areas and activities you might never have expected. To date we have run a pirate party, nude trivia, house parties, pool parties, barbecues, festival excursions and naked laser tag. Check out our previous events for further details

We are a non-profit volunteer group and only charge what it costs to run our events, and the group. We are always on the hunt for new concepts for fun nude events, so if you have any ideas, let us know. And we’re always on the lookout for other community minded nudists who are into helping us run events too.

NUDIES events are for adults of all sexualities and genders, partnered or single, over 18 years of age. Women can wear minimal clothing (eg swimwear) if they are curious to check out our events, but not comfortable fully nude. NUDIES events are nudist, and fun, but non sexual.

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